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Do you think your company has a good Project Risk Management System? Then, please, consult our questionnaire and you'll observe the outcomes.

 1. Company Profile
  • Size
    Short MediumLong
  • Product program
    Tailor-made products
    Standardised products with customer specific variants
    Standardised products without variants
  • Type of Production
    Production to single orders
    Production to frame orders
    Production to stocks
  • Product complexity
    Simple products
    Medium Complexity
    High complex products
  • Purchase
    All components made in-house
    Components partly purchased
    All components purchased
  •  2. Project Management
  • Is there any specialised team in charge of bidding process?
    Yes No
  • Has been a formal project management system implemented in the company in terms of procedures, roles, tools, standards and practices?
    Yes No
  • Is there a return on experience organised during and after project completion?
    Yes No
  • 3. Risk Management System
  • Are there risk management activities in project management?
    Yes No
  • Are there risk sheets, risk analysis and risk forms for project management?
    Yes No
  • Does it exist risk reporting during project activities and control?
    Yes No
  • Do you think your company spends too much time in the risk assessment?
    Yes No
  • Which are the results you would like to get from a tool that could help you with the risk management?
  • 4. Information Management System
  • Which computerised system are usable or used for biding? (databases, CAD-system, word processing, knowledge based product configurator,...)