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The PRIMA project is carried out at the Université des Sciences Sociales or UT1 (University of Economy, Law and Management), by the department SSPI (Sciences Sociales Pour l'Ingénieur), specialised in advanced Information Systems for project management, strategic decision support systems and co-operative work.

The PRIMA project, or "Project RIsk MAnagement" (IST-1999-10193), has been initiated as the result of UT1-SSPI previous research and projects (and notably Esprit Project DECIDE n° 22298). It is carried out as another element towards a long term research goal: strategic decisions in project management.

UT1 organise general training in information systems and decision support systems for their own students.

Therefore the use of PRIMA will result as significant education, consulting and research support for the Institution.

The purposes (targets) of the research and training:

The department is supervising research in Industrial Information Systems. Methodologic and pedagogic toughts are leaded on :

  • Engineering of needs in the industrial systems.
  • Interdisciplinarity between the engineering and social sciences.
  • The accurate targets are :

    1. Specification of the Strategic Decision Support Sytems (DSS) related to the management of project.
    2. Cooperatif work.
    3. Capitalization and managment of technico-economic knowledge.
    4. Information systems in economic intelligence.

    The research axes are linked to research contracts :

    1. 96-98 : DECIDE contract (ESPRIT n°22298), in collaboration with the Institut National Polytechnique. Method and tool to respond for introductory offer. Fixing the price of the high technology and innovants products.
    2. 97-99 : Research ministery. GDR Industrials systems engineering, project DECLARE. Knowledge capitalization and company memory : cognitifs models and information system models.
    3. 2000-2002 : PRIMA project - Project Risk Management (IST-1999-10193). Decision Support of the risk management in the stade of high technology and innovative products conception.
    4. 2000-2003 : Agreement-Programm to manage research between University of Toulouse I and the Informatic National Institute of Alger (Algeria). Contract CMEP (Comité Mixte d'Evaluation et de Prospective de la Coopération Interuniversitaire Franco-Algérienne) - Ministery of external affairs. 00MDU 485. Subject : Management by processus and industrial information system.
    5. 1999-2001 : MEDESIIE, Project in cooparation with l'INPT, l'IRIT et l'INIT. Engineering in economic intelligence needs, mainly intendend to the PME. Financed with the cooperation of the "Région Midi-Pyrénées".

    Contact point

    Anne-Marie ALQUIER
    Place Anatole France, 31042 Toulouse Cedex
    Téléphone : +33 (5) 61 63 35 61
    Fax: +33 (5) 61 63 37 98

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