Snamprogetti is an industrial partner and a contractor within the PRIMA project. It is, currently, an engineering, main contracting and technological research company that operates in both the domestic and international market.

Snamprogetti provides the full range of consulting, management, engineering, purchasing, contracting and overall supervision of projects. The company’s activities range from initial financing to final commissioning including full training of the plant personnel.

Snamprogetti offers a wide range of processes developed within their own research facilities and pilot plants or in co-operation with other companies of the ENI group.

Snamprogetti’s commitment to innovation is mainly aimed at technology development through research in order to maintain and improve their commercially sound technologies and to develop highly innovative processes and methods.

The PRIMA project will enhance Snamprogetti’s ability to properly address safety issues within the bid process in order to have a clear and early understanding of the integration between safety and technical requirements. The project will also improve the ability of the company to effectively keep memory of the past experience. This way, Snamprogetti is expected to provide better estimates of the relevant cost figures and will be, eventually, in position to better manage the economical risk of the bid.

In the PRIMA project, thanks to their industrial knowledge, Snamprogetti will contribute to the identification of the user’s needs and to the evaluation of the system performances through test cases and evaluations by experts.

Snamprogetti plans to use the results obtained by the project internally, towards a better understanding of the critical areas and a deeper control of the whole bid process. In particular, using the PRIMA products will help to identify hidden problems and critical paths for bids, to keep memory of past experience and reduce both errors in cost estimates and average lead times. This way, the software and the technology developed will be used to assess and reduce the economical risk of typical bids; assuring best practice in Snamprogetti is also an expected by-product.

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