Project Abstract
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 In the consortium participate important educational, research foundations and research laboratories (AICIA, NTUA-SIMOR, Politecnico di Milano and UT1) with a variety of skills and common research policy. Together, they are able to produce an innovative method and Decision Support System concerning risk management (thanks to their significant theoretical and research background).

According to previous collaboration on the subjects of risk and/or decision support systems, University + Industrial couples have been organised within the project, ensuring concurrent work organisation and close technical and conceptual collaboration. This is a powerful lever for expanding risk management awareness to a European dimension.
Industrial Partners (Alcatel Space Industries, already with highly developed methods, HCSA, SAINCO, Snamprogetti) highly motivated for achieving practical results, will implement and supply the system with data.

CR2A-DI, a large European software house, is undertaking the professional software development of PRIMA.