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Polimi objectives in PRIMA are to collect and synthesise information on project risk management in competitive bidding throughout the project partners’ experience in order to identify end users’ needs in project risk management.

The main scope of the work is the analysis of similarities and differences between the as-is processes and tools of each industrial partner and so make a synthesis of as-is process methods of industrial partners of project/risk typology. The principal tool is a questionnaire derived from the DECIDE and modified by the contribution of all the partners involved in the project.

In the organisation of the interview phase Polimi has to:

  • support interviews at industrial partners’ facilities
  • define people to be interviewed and questions to be answered
  • support technical draft of interview results
  • guide interview reports write up
  • make a synthesis write up

In doing this the more difficult is obtaining a global synthesis of different practices in a variety of companies and businesses of variable size (heterogeneity of cases) and for the beginning will be very important to make a common Project risk management methods glossary.

This is the first step in the modelling of the Risk Management Corporate Memory (RMCM) tool (which organises risk knowledge processing) and the Decision Support System (DSS) tool (which assists and promotes the bidding method with a pricing decision support connected to risk knowledge processing).

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