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The Division of Mechanical Design and Control Systems was founded in 1982. Since that time it has made a considerable effort in RTD in mechanical product design and manufacturing in conjunction with relevant computer aided methodologies. The division consists of eleven staff and twenty-five research associates and post graduate students and runs three major laboratories: Mechanical design, Dynamics, Control Systems.

The Sector of Industrial Management & Operations Research (SIMOR) is the oldest teaching and research unit for Industrial Engineering in Greece. The Sector supports the Industrial Engineering Cycle of Studies. SIMOR teaches 18 courses in the areas of production management, information systems, operations research and engineering economics and conducts research, develops prototype applications and provides services. In addition, it employs over 20 graduate students who participate in the Sector's research activities. SIMOR has four active research groups and two laboratories: Production Management Group, Quality Control Group, Operations Research Group, Engineering Economics Group.

NTUA views PRIMA as critical in complementing the Laboratory’s suite of industrial management tools and plans to make use of the results obtained by the project for consulting, education and research.

  1. Consulting: NTUA through its affiliated Industrial Services Laboratory will exploit PRIMA in four ways:
  1. Market the software plus implementation to large companies and to specific types of SMEs. PRIMA is expected to cover the needs, especially of the SMEs, which take a risk by entering in a competition for the undertaking of an important project.
  2. Offer consulting services based on PRIMA.
  3. Making the toolkit available over WWW on an hourly rate; this will be complemented by on-line support. The target companies for this exploitation avenue are SMEs, which bid only periodically.
  4. Market the software to consulting companies that manage big projects.
  1. Education. The results of the project will be used as material for postgraduate courses of ATHENS MBA affiliated to NTUA
  2. Science and research. Both method and tools will be included in the research work, which covers modelling and simulation.

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