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Risk Management

This site is dedicated to promote the adoption of risk management for project management and process improvement. With RiskDRIVER, risk management users and providers will share their experience and best practices in the appliance of project risk management.
BELRIM. Belgian Risk Management Association
In a world of rapid and multiple technological, political and economical change, BELRIM's task is to promote those conditions which should increase the development of risk management.
SIRM. Swiss Association of Insurance and Risk Managers
The objective of SIRM is promoting the development of professionals about Assurance and Risk Management.
 Project Management Institute Risk Management Specific Interest Group
This organization is a specific interest group chartered by the Project Management Institute, inc. PMI is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art of project management.
Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense through the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics.
RISKMail is an online forum for people with significant professional and/or research interests in the field of Risk Management and Insurance
Resources for Risk Management, Safety, and Insurance Professionals
Global Association of Risk Professionals
The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) is a not-for-profit, independent organization of financial risk management practitioners and researchers. GARP is now a diverse international association of professionals from a variety of backgrounds and organizations who share a common interest in the field.
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research
Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business Administration, Georgia State University. Established in 1969, the Center for RMI Research the Center studies and disseminates information trends and issues in the broadly defined areas of insurance and risk management.
IFRIMA (International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations, Inc.)
The International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA) promotes the advancement of risk management and its use through education and interaction.
AMRAE (Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l'Entreprise)
Created in 1993, AMRAE, the Risk and Corporate Insurance Management Association, is a body governed by the 1901 Law relating to non-profit organisations.It brings together approximately 350 risk manager members, who give their services to the association on a voluntary basis, and who represent over 200 public and private French companies.
AIRMIC (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers)
AIRMIC is the UK's sole organisation dedicated to the wide-ranging interests of all professionals practicing or responsible for insurance and risk management. AIRMIC was founded in 1963 as the Association of Insurance Managers in Industry and Commerce.
Western Risk and Insurance Association
Promote education and research in the field of Risk Management and Insurance.
Risk Management
A standards Australia portal about Risk Management. This site is part of the Standards Australia group. Articles about risk Management can be downloaded. It containts information about products, communities and faq's too. It shows a vision of how Risk Managemnt is carried on in Australia.
FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations)
FERMA exists to widen and raise the culture of Risk Management throughout Europe to its members and to the risk management and insurance community. It achieves its aims by promotion and raising awareness of risk management through the media, by information sharing, educational and research projects.
Society for Risk Analysis
The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) provides an open forum for all those who are interested in risk analysis. Risk analysis is broadly defined to include risk assessment, risk characterization, risk communication, risk management, and policy relating to risk. They consider threats from physical, chemical, and biological agents and from a variety of human activities as well as natural events. Their membership is multidisciplinary and international.

Palisade is the premiere source for software and books in Risk Analysis, Decision analysis, Optimization, Forecasting, ...
@risk Software lets you see all possible outcomes when making critical decision .

    · Trends and Tools for Operations Management: An Updated Guide for Executives and Managers
    Roy L. Nersesian
  • · Managerial Statistics
    Albright, Wright, and Zappe

    · Decisions Involving Uncertainty: An @ RISK Tutorial for the Petroleum Industry
    Murtha, James

    · Simulation Modeling Using @RISK
    Wayne Winston

    · Simulation Modeling and Analysis
    Averill M. Law & W. David Kelton

    · Risk Analysis: A Quantitative Guide
    Vose, David

    · Decision Making Under Uncertainty Using RISKOptimizer
    Winston, Wayne

    · Modeling for Learning Organizations
    Morecroft, J. & Sternman, J. ed.

    · Practical Risk Assessment for Project Management
    Grey, Stephen

    A high technology company focused toward introducing Project Risk Management discipline to your organization on a long-standing and mutually rewarding basis.
    Coblands Consulting: Reducing Project Management Risk
    Coblands Consulting offers specialist services in Project Risk Management.This page provides informationa about Risk Management into the project, principles, elements, Risk Assessment, when to use project risk Management ... Besides, it has the possibility of a chatrisk.


    Corporate Knowledge

    Certified Knowledge & Innovation Management Professional Society
    CKIMPS is a non-profit international organization devoted to the development of communities of practice and interest for Certified Knowledge and Innovation Management Professionals. CKIMPS provides the technical and organizational infrastructure for communities of practice to share observations, insights, and lessons learned with each other electronically or physically.
    The European Knowledge Management Forum
    The European Knowledge Management Forum is an open and free forum which accepts members from both within and outside the European Union
    indistinctly. The common link between members is an interest in research
    activities advancing the state-of-the-art in knowledge management.
    With over 1000 people in the training program, eKC offers a combination of Knowledge and Innovation Management Certification Training. The certification Program is a combination of face-to-face classes and e-learning courses. The program is overseen by the KM Certification Board (KMCB), a member of the National Organization of Competency Assurance, and affiliated with the Knowledge and Innovation Management Professional Society (KIMPS) - the largest KM professional society in the world.
    It is An Intelligent Enterprise Community where you can find information about everything related to Knowledge Management: resources, books, events, forums, papers, news,..
    Angoss is a Data Mining Solutions at the Intersection of the Warehouse and the Web
    Knowledge engineering
    Corporate Knowledge Management Survey
    Interesting Links to groups, projects, initiatives about Corporate Knowledge.
    IS website of the european commission
    Information Society Technologies. New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce : Corporate Knowledge Management
    SAS Institute
    SAS Institute and Intraspect Partner to Provide Corporate Knowledge-Sharing Solutions
    Connected is an initiative of e-news, a small company based in St-Blaise, Switzerland.
    General Information about Knowledge Management
    Dashe & Thomson
    Dashe & Thomson, Inc., is a full service Corporate Knowledge development company. They specialize in the design and development of online knowledge systems, including internet and intranet applications, online help, training, and online or paper-based documentation.
    CORMA. Corporate Knowledge Management
    Practical Methods and Tools for Corporate Knowledge Management. Sharing and Capitalising Engineering Know-How in the Concurrent Enterprise. They carry out the CORMA project with the following objectives:
    -Reports about industrial knowledge management practice and barriers and
    evaluations of existing tools and methods
    -A software platform with four modules for rapid knowledge management


    Cost Estimating

     The International Society of Parametric Analysts (ISPA)
    ISPA is a professional society dedicated to the improvement and promotion of parametric cost modeling techniques and methodologies and the related fields of risk analysis, econometrics, design-to-cost, technology forecasting, and management. A Parametric Estimating Handbook can be found in . It contains information about Data Collection and Analysis, Cost Estimating Relationships (CERs), Company-Developed Models, Commercial Software Models, Technical Evaluation of Parametrics,...

    Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools (ACEIT)  

    It is a revolutionary, automated architecture and framework for cost estimating and other analysis tasks. It is a generic, flexible, Windows-based system for estimating virtually any task on any type of a project. ACEIT is an integrated tool suite of several software products specifically designed for the cost estimating community.
    ACEIT has several integrated tools that provide the following functions:

    - Database development, search, and retrieval (ACDB)
    - Statistical analysis (CO$TAT)
    - Knowledge Base development (AIM)
    - Estimate and model creation and documentation (ACE)
    - Risk analysis (ACE/RI$K)
    - Cost engineering & interfaces with other tools (ACEIT Executive)

    SCEA is A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to improving cost estimating and analysis in government and industry and enhancing the professional competence and achievements of its members. It contains a Glossary of cost estimating too.

    · Analysis And Implementation Of Cost Estimating Risk In The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) Risk Model.
    H.F. Chelson, J.R. Ayers, R.L. Coleman, N. Shahidià
  • · Managing Risky Projects: The STAR Process.
    Evin J. Stump P.E.

    · Software LCCE Costs: A "Bad News" Forecast Produced By Cost Analysts, Or Now That We Have The Bad News, What Are We Going To Do About It?. Don Taylor and Al Dopita

    · Fuzzy Numbers As A Tool For Measuring Imprecision In Cost Estimating: A Pragmatic Implementation Example.
    H. Joumier

    · APICS: The Performance Advantage, "AliahTHINK!"
    April 1998, Kapp, Karl M.

    · APICS: The Performance Advantage, "A Tool for Forecasting and Risk Analysis"
    January 1994, pp. 60-63, Goldwater, Paul M. and Fogarty, Timothy J.


    Decision Support Systems

    Decision Support Systems Resources
    DSSResources.COM (Decision Support Systems Resources) is a web-based knowledge repository. The mission of the site is to help people who are nterested in learning about how to use information technologies and software to improve decision making. The target audience is IS professionals, IS students, managers interested in MIS and academics in MIS/DSS. You can find papers, FAQ, links,.. Also an introductory hyperbook by D.J. Power about dss can be found,
    Group Decision Support System
    GDSS is a Washington, DC-based management consulting firm with expertise in decision-making technologies and group collaborative planning. Our staff is comprised of recognized experts in strategic planning, organizational modeling, performance metrics and the integration of work group technology with organizational business processes.
     Decision Support System Limited
    Decision Support Systems Limited is an information technology company which focuses on the supply, implementation and support of solutions to large corporations in the following application areas: Sales and Marketing Systems, Data Warehousing , Financial Analysis & Consolidation, Planning & Optimising systems .
    Future Lines of User Interfaces Decision Support (FLUIDS)
    FLUIDS is a project in the Telematics Engineering sector of the Telematics Applications Programme managed by the European Commission (DG XIII ). The project aims to provide a software environment for building intelligent interfaces for decision support systems by using reusable building blocks (adaptable to the requirements of different systems and users) and a methodology for designing and developing interface models. This software environment will be tested with two real-time traffic management systems currently operating in Barcelona and Turin.


    Project Management

    Project Management Institute
    Since its founding in 1969, Project Management Institute (PMI®) has grown to be the organization of choice for project management professionalism. With
    nearly 70,000 members worldwide, PMI® is the leading nonprofit professional
    association in the area of Project Management. PMI establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more and more organizations desire for their project leaders.
    International Project Management Association
    The International Project Management Association is a non-profit, Swiss registered organisation, with a Secretarial office based in the United Kingdom. Its function is to be the prime promoter of project management internationally, through its membership network of national project management associations around the world. Additionally it has many individual members, people and companies, as well as co-operative agreements with related organisations world-wide, to give it a truly world-wide influence.
    Association for Project Management
    The Association is fast growing and committed to an energetic programme of activities to help Project Managers and others involved or interested in Project Management to progress their professional careers and to further develop professionalism in Project Management.
    Spanish Society of Project Management (AEPM)
    Its objective is to develop and promote the role of Project Manager in the Spanish Society
    Portail de la communaité des managers de projets.
    It contains information about Formation (masters, courses), State-of-the-art, events, publications, etc... about project management.
    Management Courses
    The World's Most Comprehensive Source of Information on Executive and Senior Management Courses. Details of 2050 education, training and development courses from 275 Schools in over 65 countries.
    The Project Management Forum
    The PMFORUM provides instant access to world-wide project management information. It includes a section called "Vendor's Market Square" ( Here, you can find software products from several companies about project management, risks,...
    The Project Manager Today
    Project Manager Today, is the leading project magazine seen each month by some 15,000 managers. It provides a monthly news and views about
    project management together with case studies, in-depth articles and software reviews

    Elsevier Science
    Elsevier Science has become the undisputed market leader in the publication and
    dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum of scientific endeavors. Working with the world's most respected scientists and researchers, Elsevier Science has set a high standard for quality. Its publications are written and edited by international scholars with excellent technical and scientific credentials, and wide research and teaching experience in their fields. Some journals are the followings:

    * European Management Journal

    * Information and Management

    * Decision Support Systems

    * International Journal of Project Management

    * Industrial Marketing Management