Hellenic Company For Space Applications S.A.  


HELLENIC COMPANY FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS S.A. (HCSA) was established in 1995, in Athens, Greece. Since June 1999, the shareholders of the Company are the HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY (HAI), FINMECCANICA S.P.a - ALENIA AEROSPAZIO, and COMERSA Ldt.

HCSA is specialising in the following lines of businesses and products:

  • Systems Engineering and integration in the fields of Telecommunications and Computer Science
  • Terrestrial and Space-based Telecommunications commercial operations
  • Engineering R&D and consulting in the scientific areas of Aerospace, Electronics, Telecommunications, advanced Information Technologies and Earth Observation applications
  • Terrestrial and Space-based Earth Observation (EO) commercial operations, including optical and radar imagery.

Within the framework of HCSA objectives and with the new agreement with HAI, HCSA assumes a more formal engineering R&D role in the Greek Aerospace sector, and has also access to all existing industrial facilities of HAI.

HCSA’s major business sector, i.e., that of concluding major contracts with national and/or international customers in the Space Systems and Aeronautics sectors, involves the preparation of bids, which is actually an extremely tedious, time-consuming and complex task. It requires 2-3 calendar months minimum preparation and usually more than 12 man-months effort, without including negotiations time, clarification of specification and special requirements. A large portion of this work is consumed in searching technical and economical data, communicating in person with appropriate suppliers and verification.

HCSA will also play a key role in exploiting and disseminating the results of the currently proposed project to one of its founding companies, namely HAI.

HAI has recently started the conversion of its MIS (management information system) into one of the most well known ERP Systems. Therefore, HCSA expects from the application of PRIMA tools and method, to also assist HAI in some of the implementations issues of HAI’s new ERP system with the aim to improve the bidding procedure in which HAI is involved.

It is thus, a prime task for HCSA, to disseminate the results of the PRIMA project to the main aerospace industry in Greece, namely HAI, which in turn will also improve its entire bidding process in national and international bids, and considerably reduce bidding process response time, bid quality and accuracy. It is anticipated that a reduction of time in bid preparation of the order of 30% is a feasible target. This in turn could lead to an overall bid preparation cost reduction of 40% for HAI (this translates, on an annual basis, in economies of over 120.000 EURO)

Finally, HCSA and HAI, through their close affiliation, intend to exploit the PRIMA results further, regarding their co-operation plans on the Greek and International Aerospace markets and Projects.

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