CR2A-DI is a software house specialised in the use of IC technologies for scientific and technical applications. It actively provides services in the fields of aerospace, telecommunications, industrial automation, transport, energy and defence.

As a partner of major actors in the ICT users industry, CR2A-DI supports its customers in the definition and implementation of ICT solutions that fit their specific needs. Thanks to its teams highly skilled in the latest IC technologies, CR2A-DI can provide to the market various types of services from consulting to development of complex systems.

The services offered by CR2A-DI cover the following domains: telecommunications, real-time systems, software technologies, IT security, third-party maintenance and scientific engineering.

CR2A-DI is involved in several actions to promote risk management in Europe. CR2A-DI is the editor of the RISKMAN tool and very active in the commercialisation of RISKMAN all around the world. At the moment RISKMAN concerns mainly software projects. CR2A-DI is responsible for the edition of marketing materials (brochures, demonstration, CD-ROM, evaluation version of the tool), mailings, participation in numerous expositions and conferences, promotion by a web site. CR2A-DI is committed to promote the results of PRIMA project in the commercialisation of the tool and associated services.

PRIMA will have a competitive advantage to all competitors, as it will provide a complete support to risk management activities and support to the bid process. On the long run, the RISKMAN consortium driven by CR2A-DI expects that PRIMA fallbacks will produce a strong dynamic around the consulting and businesses in the domain of risk management. Results of the PRIMA project are targeted to better deploy the use of the RISKMAN methodology and tools with regard to a risk-driven business process approach. Exploitation channels will reuse the RISKMAN ones.


Contact point

Gilles m. Pitette
Île-de-France Technical Co-ordination
25, quai Gallieni
F-92158 Suresnes Cedex
Phone: +33 1 55 49 37 91
Fax: +33 1 55 49 37 01

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