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Alcatel Space Industries, part of the ALCATEL group, is involved in all levels of space activities, from equipment design and manufacturing to complete communication system engineering and realisation.

Alcatel Space Industries, as prime contractor for space systems, has implemented its own management techniques based on national or European standards developed by the Agencies (ESA, CNES) for space activities.

Risk analysis is commonly used in program management process and has been applied to all kinds of programs, ranging from current telecommunication programs to complete technical experiences and to large programs with high financial risks.

Alcatel Space Industries is interested on a management tool to improve bid process through a fast bid/no bid decision, a reduction of proposal phase duration and cost, and a better control of cost and schedule uncertainties.

The PRIMA tool and method will help to assess the technical risks, optimise mission objectives and requirements, optimise industrial organisation, negotiate the clauses of contracts and minimise financial risk. On going programs at system level such as WORLDSTAR and SKYBRIDGE will help to constitute the initial database.

The field of Export Telecommunication Payloads will be used for the implementation of success criteria, due to relatively similar technical definition, good existing knowledge of the type of risks and absence of major uncertainties linked to completely new developments. The criteria will be based on the parameters proposal cost, number of winning proposals, sales and the ratio proposal expenses / corresponding sales for a given period. Expected improvements are 5 % reduction of proposal cost.

Alcatel Space Industries expenses in the field of Export proposals are 3 MEuro/year. The investment will be covered by the gain over proposal expenses in only one year and return on investments will immediately be positive if the DSS system allows winning one more proposal.

In parallel with PRIMA, Alcatel Space Industries is running an internal project which aims to constitute an internal management reference composed of standard requirement plans and procedures and associated support tools in the fields of program control, (cost, schedule, configuration and documentation). Risk analysis methods and associated decision support tools will complete this management reference.

Finally the results of the project will be used progressively for risk analysis, usually carried out at Alcatel Space Industries at the beginning of development phases. As a branch of the ALCATEL TELECOM GROUP, Alcatel Space Industries can easily communicate PRIMA methods and tools to the whole group.


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